Chile has an excellent telecommunication infrastructure, and with rife competition among different service providers, you’re guaranteed low costs for national and international calls.

Mobile phones:

Seven out of ten Chileans have a teléfono celular, and that figure appears to be too modest for mobile-phone-loving Santiaguinos. If you feel as attached to mobiles as locals, you can always switch on your foreign phone and talk away, just be advised that companies at home can charge you an arm and a leg for using your mobile abroad.
A good, cheap alternative to stay in touch is to buy a Chilean sim card. Some companies sell standalone sim cards for around 5,000 CLP, and top up cards can be purchased from newsstands and cornershops. Do check that your mobile phone supports the Chilean GSM frequency GSM-1900 (in other words, that it is a tri-band phone). If that doesn’t work, try buying a pay as you go pack, which can cost as little as 30,000 CLP.


‘Cybercafés’ obviously exist, but they are not as plentiful as you’d probably expect since broadband access is fairly widespread. The best places to look are the university areas, such as Republica or Barrio Brasil. There are WiFi networks in operation at many libraries, cafes and University campuses. The length of Barrio Republica is also WiFi enabled.