The emergency telephone numbers are:

  • Police Emergency 133
  • Ambulance 131
  • Fire Brigade 132
  • Drug related matters 135
  • Services Information (Traffic, Car breakdowns, Police Station addresses, etc.) 139
  • Domestic Violence 149
  • Children Violence 147

There are two kinds of Police forces in Chile, the Carabineros who tackle most day to day crime and the Policía de Investigaciones, who as their name suggest, handle most crime investigations, often in relation to fraud and economic crime. You should have few dealings with the latter.
Carabineros have a high level of institutional integrity and are at odds with the conventional image of police in Latin America. Most officers are honest, efficient and helpful, and you should never attempt a bribery.
In case of an emergency or if you had passport and valuables lost or stolen, go to the nearest Police Station (Cuartel de Carabineros) to report the incident (denuncia).